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Individual therapy is for those who want to work on negative thoughts, past trauma, and communication skills that cause distress emotionally, relationally, and vocationally. Therapy will include learning new coping skills to build internal resources and address roadblocks to a more healthy outlook on life. 

Family therapy focuses on the family system to help alleviate anxiety, strengthen communication skills between family members, change negative behavior patterns, and develop a more collaborative approach to solving problems within the family. 



I'm happy to deliver a seminar or lead a non-therapeutic short-term group or class at your school or organization. I've had the opportunity to lead seminars and groups on parenting, mental health, families, and more. I've also had many opportunities to speak at retreats, conferences, and events. Subjects I've spoken on include, but are not limited to families, mental health, women's issues, faith, and spirituality.




Perhaps you're in need of a guest to write an article, blog post, paper, etc. If so, I'd love to be considered as a guest author for your outlet. I've had the pleasure of writing for blogs, devotionals, online studies, and more. Feel free to contact me and let's discuss the possibilities!

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